"The Invincibles"

Recently, four of our 5th year LCVP students, Ciara Murphy, Laura Callaghan, Racheal Campbell and Rosin Fitzpatrick, set up a group called "The Invincibles".  The group was set up to promote healthy eating and regular activity among young children.  

They visited St. Joseph's Primary School and the children all loved the games they were playing and they all came out with  greater knowledge of healthy foods and what they should be eating every day.  They also learned fun, new ways to include exercise in their daily routines.  This project was set up as a way of fighting childhood obesity and encouraging children of a young age to be eating properly and get active, in a way they would enjoy.  They were sponsored by Murphy Cash and Carry to provide fruit to the children.  

The group already has plans to expand and improve on their project, with many more schools expressing their interest.