Week beginning 8th of April

This week is Well being Week in school. There are a number of activities organised to support ths. 


  • 6th Breakfast 
  • 3rd Year CPR for Schools
  • Jiving with Ms Fennelly
  • 1st Year Treasure Hunt
  • 6th Year Wellbeing Cookery


  • TY CPR for Schools
  • 1st Year Walk
  • 5th Year CPR for Schools
  • Wexford vs Kilkenny match at lunchtime
  • Mindfulness Colouring


  • 2nd Year Cookery Camp
  • Games at lunchtime
  • 1st Year CPR for schools 


  • 2nd Year CPR for schools
  • 1st Year Dance 
  • 6th Year CPR for Schools
  • Students versus Staff match
  • Whole School Quiz


  • Jersey and active wear to school
  • Doona Dunne with the Whole School
  • 6th Year Wellbeing Cookery
  • Mediation at lunchtime