This is the latest news from the school, and is updated weekly. If students have any upcoming events or recent achievements please make sure to tell your Year Head so that we can include it on this page!

Week beginning 8th of April

This week is Well being Week in school. There are a number of activities organised to support ths. 


  • 6th Breakfast 
  • 3rd Year CPR for Schools
  • Jiving with Ms Fennelly
  • 1st Year Treasure Hunt
  • 6th Year Wellbeing Cookery


  • TY CPR for Schools
  • 1st Year Walk
  • 5th Year CPR for Schools
  • Wexford vs Kilkenny match at lunchtime
  • Mindfulness Colouring


  • 2nd Year Cookery Camp
  • Games at lunchtime
  • 1st Year CPR for schools 


  • 2nd Year CPR for schools
  • 1st Year Dance 
  • 6th Year CPR for Schools
  • Students versus Staff match
  • Whole School Quiz


  • Jersey and active wear to school
  • Doona Dunne with the Whole School
  • 6th Year Wellbeing Cookery
  • Mediation at lunchtime