Principal’s Welcome

Dear Students, Parents, and Visitors,

Welcome to the beginning of a journey. Each one of us carries hopes, ambitions, and expectations as we begin a new school year. As a school community, we are encouraged to unite our energies in the pursuit of common goals and we all are trusted to honestly share our opinions and ideas so that we can confidently take the journey together.

As we step inside our school each day we are reminded of our proud Mercy tradition and we are strengthened by the traditions and achievements of those who have gone before us. If we can emulate and enhance the high standards of the past we can build a successful future for ourselves.

These are challenging times but they are also exciting times. We all are challenged to set high, but realistic, targets for ourselves. We are challenged to be open to embracing change in our lives. We are challenged to create a new optimism for ourselves and our country. Yet it is exciting to live in an era where hard work, determination, creativity, and innovation are cherished. It is exciting to be involved in the shaping of new structures within our society and it is exciting to be involved in a more inclusive world where our voices may find a responsive ear.

We, therefore, commence our year in a spirit of hope. Let us all try to capture, display, and breathe this hope every day. Hope is found in a smile. Hope is a kind word. Hope may be a random action or an ever-present friendliness. Let us feel secure that we will respect each other and appreciate that when in need we will get a helping hand and when we see a need we will offer a hand. By reaching out and bridging gaps we will join hands to pray, rejoice, and work together. Tabhair Dom do Lamh.

Sincerely yours,

John Michael Porter

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