Student Awards

Our annual awards ceremony is held each year in October. This takes place on a Friday evening which facilitates the return of our sixth-year class from the previous academic year. Students from all year groups and their parents are invited to attend and the girls are recognised for their achievements in a wide variety of areas.

Awards are presented to students for their contribution to the many aspects of school life here at St. Mary’s. Academic achievement is celebrated but the girls are also acknowledged for their contribution to the sporting, social, and cultural traditions of the school.

Each year the prestigious Catherine McCauley Award is presented to a sixth-year student who has shown outstanding qualities of leadership and school spirit.

Awards are also presented to prefects and Meitheal leaders.

Students who have achieved excellent results in state exams receive awards as do students who work hard and always strive to do their best. Awards are given to students for sporting achievement here in school and a perpetual cup is presented to our sports girl of the year. Awards are also presented to students who participate in musical events, charitable organisations’, and many more co-curricular activities that take place in school.

This is always a very enjoyable evening that serves to recognise and acknowledge the fantastic achievement of the entire school community.

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