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The school has a proud tradition of participating in many sports with many notable successes at local, regional, and national levels throughout the years. Students get an opportunity to participate through inclusive practice games and blitzes as well as competing for squad places for competitions where limited panel members are permitted. Students put their local club differences aside to form a strong bond as school teammates and students are challenged to join the highly talented pool of players who will compete with schools across the South East, Leinster, and Nationally.

Some of the sports currently promoted are:

Gaelic Football

We field ladies’ football teams at U-14, U-16 and Senior level. U-16 and Senior competitions take place before Christmas and our teams compete in the Leinster B and C competitions respectively. We generally are very competitive, reaching the Leinster quarter or semi-finals most years. This offers the stronger competitor an opportunity to pit their skills against some of the best footballers in Leinster. The U-14 competition takes place after Christmas. As well as competing, we value participation, encouraging all footballers to experience representing the school.


In camogie, we enter a team every year at the Senior, Junior, and minor levels. All teams play in the top grade – A grade. 1st and 2nd years also attend many camogie blitzes throughout the year.


We enter Leinster rugby competitions at the Junior and Senior levels. These can vary between full contact and tag competitions. A local rugby coach also runs training sessions with the students and organises games against other schools.


Our first competitive year for soccer was 2022-23 culminating in a Leinster victory for our 1st year team. Teams are entered in local competitions throughout different age groupings.


2022-23 also witnessed the re-emergence of competitive basketball in the school and our minor team was victorious in the regional finals.


Our equestrian team competes and wins events regularly – in the local show jumping school leagues and competes in the national show jumping and hunter trial events.


Swimmers take advantage of the excellent coaching at New Ross Swimming Club to represent the school. In recent times they have attained many individual and relay successes.


Students get the opportunity to represent the school in both cross-country and track-and-field events at local, regional, and National levels. We have been honored to have had so many excellent athletes represent the school in many different disciplines throughout the years.

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