Student Council

St. Mary’s has a vibrant, active, democratically elected Student Council. It is made up of seven prefects and one representative from each tutor class group, this way we ensure that students of all ages are represented. The Student Council meets regularly and is supported by the work of the prefects and head girls who meet weekly.

The Student Council listens to the views, opinions, and ideas of all students in the school which are communicated via the class rep. Student Council members represent these views and bring concerns and ideas forward to be discussed at meetings.

The Student The council is a vital channel of communication in the school and regularly liaises with the principal and deputy issue on various issues.

The student voice is valued in St. Mary’s and in this regard, the Student Council has a consultative role. Students are often consulted prior to the implementation of new school policies e.g. uniform, bullying, and extracurricular activities. This gives students a say in the running of the school.

St. Mary’s Student Council is socially active and runs a number of events during the school year to fundraise and raise awareness on topical social issues. They run a Christmas festival each year and this year raised funds for St. Vincent de Paul.

Other events in the past include hosting the Hospice Coffee Morning, Friendship Week, celebrations of National Women’s Day, and Inclusion Week.

The Student Council is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills, equipping them with the skills and confidence to excel in their chosen pathway.

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